About Us

  ATC Group is one of the leading company in selling 3 main kinds of products which are baby, computer, and hobby products. Our products are made in high quality with affordable price. We have many years of customer service experience and professional trained staffs to assist you all the time.

To achieve our commitment, we will actively manage and provide high-quality of services, so that the existing main areas of real growth. We believe price and quality of products are equally important. Our target is aim to increase our market value and business network. We will strive towards the establishment of an efficient organization, so that each employee can assume their responsibility to prove themselves with their own performance, return and reward.

Currently our company is located in JB area.  Now, we have a lot of loyalty customers supporting us. We are very happy to maintain our current customer, and we wish to increase our sales market, expand to a wider area and known well by more of our potential customers.



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